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Gymfloor Full Black + Trail

Largely paved with 40mm Alpha Tiles, this space offers protection and safety to its users, equipment and structure. It has a customized area with wooden aisles for the maximum condition in the execution of weightlifting exercises. Its synthetic grass aisle is the ideal surface for the practice of traction and slide exercises, as well as a relaxation zone.



Gymfloor Full Black + Trail

Ample well organized space where open box and classes happen at the same time without any congestion. Gymfloor Full Black fills a large part of the space area in 2 separate rooms, housing from small classes to top athletes. The Trail solution creates an optimal and comfortable area for body weight exercises like rope climb and HSPU.



Gymfloor Black/White + Trail + Gym One

The Gymfloor Black / White solution defines the wide area that allows users great versatility of exercises in a comfortable way. The Gym One platforms create a specific Weightlifting space where the athlete can take their practice in an intensive and safe way. The small trail zone next to the metal structures allows the practice of traction-slide exercises.



Gymfloor Full Black + Underlay + Foam

In the weights room we find the Gymfloor solution that combines resistance, edurability. For Crossfit we have two solutions in one space. In the wide area of the box solution with rubber Underlay provides protection to both athletes and equipment.In the zone of intensive weight drop the combination with foam ensures the absorption of shock and vibrations.



Underlay + Gymfloor Black/White

A gym indoors where we can find everything for the practice of fitness and bodybuilding. The choice of solution with underlay has brought to the space the necessary comfort and protection, combined with the pigmented finish that gives the exquisite and elegant touch.



Alpha Tiles + Trail + Tatami + Gym One

The Alpha Tiles provide an excellent foundation for the various types of training. The built-in Gym One platforms allow athletes to perform Olympic lifting with greater stability and maximum safety. The Trail trail is indicated for the practice of traction-slide exercises. There is also a division dedicated to the youngest with Tatami so that they, too, spend their energies.



Gymfloor Full Black + Trail

The Gymfloor offers the perfect stability for the correct execution of the movements, and the ideal balance between shock absorption and energy restitution. The Trail solution makes it possible to practice safe and comfortable workout with slide equipment that, along with the aesthetic aspect, gives a more harmonious appearance to the space.


Crossfit Urban Wolves

Gymfloor Full Black + Underlay + Trail + Tatami + Safety Tiles

Oriented to its athletes, a well-defined and organized layout was created, using the pavement to delimit the various training zones. The central corridor along the metal frame was paved with the Trail and Underlay rubber solution for added comfort and safety.
The sides were paved with the Gymfloor solution where free weight exercises, group classes and the open box area take place. There is also a large space with Tatami for the practice of martial arts. Highlight for an indoor playground space.

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